About Us…

Experience Counts

AUQUIX® is pleased to have on our team Mr. Stuart Ward. He has worked as a Senior Sales Engineer in the US, Canada and Mexico. Stuart earned his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management in 1987, and later received a Master of Business Administration from the University of Oregon in 1993. He is a noted expert where water, chemicals and treatment equipment are concerned. While he has been in the “business” for the past 24 years, he has been applying his knowledge to specifically solve customer process and wastewater issues for the past dozen years.

Stuart Ward has presented papers at conferences for the Oregon Dairy Industry, Northwest Food Processors Association, Washington State University Cheese and Viticulture short courses, Washington Association for Food Protection, California League of Food Processors, and the Food Industry Environmental Conference. Stuart is well known nationally for his technical competence, candor and strong belief in customer service.

Business Operations

Equipment Products: AUQUIX® represents manufacturers of process and wastewater equipment while providing supporting services as a value added option for our customers. These equipment systems are offered within defined territory areas. To better serve our customers many products are offered throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. In the event another representative will service a particular product area, AUQUIX® will assist in helping to assure your satisfaction. Please note AUQUIX® supports customer applications for new greenfield projects, as well as upgrading of existing systems.

Service Products: AUQUIX® provides testing and consulting services for process and wastewater throughout North America. Thoughtfully designed and engineered solutions provide consistent results in the face of facility change. We look forward to being of service to your organization.

Quality Control

AUQUIX® has developed a Quality Control Program with the objective of delivering the best possible product satisfaction to our customers. Inspection procedures are established for pumps, motors, tanks, clarification and dewatering equipment. This is to help ensure you receive all products in factory fresh condition.