AUQUIX® DeWater® Pilot Test System

AUQUIX® offers complete dewater testing of solids generated from wastewater and other process streams. The test filter press system is skid mounted for easy transportation and setup. An experienced Technician will provide for sludge preparation, operation of the equipment during the trial and packaging for return shipment. The test press is a scaled version of its larger “brothers”, is constructed in stainless steel for corrosion resistance and is operated with a simple variable speed/pressure control system.

The unique technology built into each DeWater® System maximizes water removal while minimizing chemistry usage. Filter press testing provides management with the valuable data needed for making key design and return on investment purchase decisions.

The standard rental is for one week. This includes a setup day, 3 days testing and a breakdown day. Additional testing may be arranged as necessary. To schedule a filter press test trial, simply complete the rental agreement and arrange for the selected test period and payment.

Lab Testing

AUQUIX® recommends before and after lab tests be conducted on representative water samples. This testing should reflect the facilities typical daily wastewater discharges. Lab tests generally include TSS, TDS, TBOD, SBOD, FOG and pH. Lab test costs are not included in the test rental.


The electrical control panel is designed for 480v 3 phase 60Hz power and has a 30 amp maximum current draw. Installed power is 1.0 Hp with capability of additional field devices. Additionally, the on-board DO meter and running light require 110v power from a separate source. There are also 2 power outlets for an optional de-foam system, field test accessories or lap-top. Fresh water is necessary for dilution of chemicals and final cleaning of the equipment.


PEWE will arrange with your choice of chemical vendor to supply the appropriate type and quantities of required chemicals. Jar testing is suggested prior to selecting any chemical program. The cost and delivery of these chemicals are not included with the pilot rental.


The solids should be collected from a representative sample. Data will be collected in order to optimize selection of filter cloth, chemistry, operating pressure and cake solids content.

Footprint of test filter press: 3′ wide X 3′ long
Footprint of work area: 6′ wide X 6′ long