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The PEWE PolyAccu Dose® System line of products are designed for efficient liquid chemical dosing for water and wastewater treatment. The key to the lines is controlled feed proportional to flow. This is accomplished through a 4-20ma signal from a magnetic flow meter inserted in the wastewater feed-line. All make-down units utilize solution generation by the application of correct mixing energy and time in the proper amount of water, every time. By getting these three factors right with the speed adjustable PDC model Active Blend Blade™ flash mixer, the PolyAccu Dose® System assures reliable chemical dosing. For low dose applications select the static mix LD model and for high capacity dosing select the new RGT model with instant blend technology. Flocculent pumps are kept continually fed with the PEWE Positive Pump Feed System™. The operator merely needs to switch out the chemical container without re-priming the dosing pump.

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“Reliable Efficiency”

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Polymer, pH, Nutrient & Odor

PEWE manufactures a multitude of chemical dosing products. Model sizes are based on desired liquid feed rates, viscosity and temperature. Dosing systems are available for pH control, nutrient feed requirements, odor control and wastewater coagulants, flocculants, or other admixtures.

Wastewater Chemical Dosing, Dosing Pump, Chemical Feed System

Positive Prime System

The PEWE Positive Prime Pump Feed System™ on the PolyAccu Dose® is also available as a stand-alone unit for upgrading your exisiting chemical dosing system. Spend lower maintenance time with…


Wastewater Chemical Dosing, Chemical Feed Station, Dosing Pumps

Corrosion Free Stainless & Polypropylene

PolyAccu Dose® Systems are manufactured with AISI 304 stainless steel support stands and polypropylene panels for the ultimate in corrosion resistance and low maintenance. Stands also allow for easy placement of chemical drums. Wall mount units are available as well.